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It is love at first sight for Pocahontas and John Smith and the lovers are unable to resist the sexual attractions of their bodies. Their sizzling lovemaking is interrupted by an enraged Kocoum. He wants to kill John Smith for fucking with his wife to be. Pocahontas saves his life with her beautiful body, convincing Kocoum to join Smith in a nasty threesome and fuck her together! Fucked hard by the two powerful men and their throbbing cocks, Pocahontas has never experienced such sexual pleasure!

Pocahontas is so beautiful! There is nothing she enjoys more than taking the long stroll to the creek where she can get naked and take a bath under the cascade! Her nipples are already hard with anticipation as she takes her big tits to her lips and sucks on them, licking her throbbing nipples as she gets under the cold water. She closes her eyes and spreads her legs, feeling the ice cold water rushing down her naked body and teasing her pussy. She bends over and fingers her wet clam, making sure she rinses very well. Masturbating under the waterfall is a big turn on, not just for her but for the many tribesmen peeking at her through the bushes!

Pocahontas is totally naked and enjoying a bath under the waterfall down by the creek when she is interrupted by a very horny and fully erect John Smith! She has never seen such a pale cock in her life, but she likes its size and girth, taking it in her hands and stroking it so it can get even bigger and harder! After giving him a blowjob, Smith bends her over by the rocks, spreads her bubble shaped butt cheeks wide open and rams his big cock deep inside her wet pussy. Pocahontas massages her big breasts while she gets rammed hard by the colonizer, she just loves the way his shaft fills her up completely and pumps lots of hot cum into her!

Pocahontas has never seen a pair of nylon pantyhose before in her life! She decides to give them a try and is surprised at the sensation of the nylon fabric brushing against her soft skin and bare pussy as she walks. She is getting so wet and turned on! She can’t resist spreading her legs and masturbating herself, the nylon fabric makes her cum so many times! Pantyhose rocks!

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